Dong's Smoked Angus Beef

chef slicing angus beef

Smoked Angus Beef For Him

Give that special man the perfect smoked meat.

Our Angus Beef and Smoked Pork are hand-rubbed using the best ingredients and smoked low and slow for 12 to 15 hours using 100% Hickory wood.

Taste the Perfection and Tenderness of our smoked meats. Ready to eat, freshly cooked and vacuum packed to preserve freshness.

Aged for Days, Smoked for Hours, Gone in Minutes.

Celebrate with Smoked Meat

Whether you’re marking a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion, or simply a ‘treat yourself’ craving on an average Tuesday night, Dong's Angus Beef and Smoked Pork is here to Make Any Meal A Smash Hit.

All our smoked meats are ready to eat!! Just steam the vacuum packed meat for 20 minutes and enjoy!!!

Paolo V.


We tried the smoked pork today and it's really very good!!! Compliments to the chef!

Charles V.

San Pedro, Laguna

Just had dinner. Tried the Smoked Angus Beef. Super Yummy. It's one of the best smoked angus beef I've tried.

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